Case Study 1

Severely decayed teeth

This woman was very nervous she had not been to dentist for 15 years and had severely decayed teeth. The treatment involved root treatment, build up teeth porcelain crowns and white composite fillings.

crowns fillings 1 decayed teeth
crowns fillings 2 decayed teeth
crowns fillings 3 decayed teeth
crowns fillings 4 decayed teeth


Case Study 2

Bulbous yellow crowns

A Girl in her 20's complaining of large bulbous yellow crowns. Treatment - Gum surgery & white ceramic crowns.

rhia 1
rhia 2
rhia 3
rhia 4


Case Study 3

Twisted teeth

Treatment - Gum surgery, porcelain crowns.


twisted teeth 1 crowns fitted
twisted teeth 2 crowns fitted


Case Study 7

Yellow upper teeth

Treatment composite veneers made in surgery chairside.


worn and twisted teeth 1
worn and twisted teeth 2 after building up white fillings


Case Study 4

Crooked stained teeth

Woman with old crooked stained teeth and fillings
Treatment - veneers


stained twisted teeth 1
stained twisted teeth 2
stained twisted teeth 3 immediately after treatment


Case Study 6

Yellow worn teeth

Woman with yellow worn teeth
Treatment - composite veneers

acid eroded teeth stained 1
acid eroded teeth stained 2
acid eroded teeth stained 3 after
acid eroded teeth stained 4 after building up composite veneers


Case Study 8

Dark twisted teeth

Woman with very dark twisted teeth
Treatment - porcelain crowns


new top crowns 1 patient pre op
new top crowns 2


Case Study 5

Stained teeth

Man with severly stained yellow worn teeth
Treatment - periodontal treatment and cleaning and partial dentures


case study5 1
case study5 2
case study5 3
case study5 4




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